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Splurging for Fun

When visiting other countries on a holiday, you want to explore the places as much as possible in spite of time during a vacation is always too short. Many things are in your heads. You need to make a list of what to do in order to let it flow as desired. Prices in Bali for some foreigners especially tourists are relatively more affordable. For this particular reason, you may have put aside some pennies to splurge for fun while accommodation rental with breakfast was already paid in advance prior to your Bali arrival. What’s a perfect plan, is it?

Groovy Town

Seminyak is a groovy town. It is known as the hub of foodies. It is the heaven where to tantalize your taste buds with a wider range of cuisine selection to farther your culinary journey. Many Michelin Stars come to the island to present their expertise in gastronomy molecular. They come for sure to delight the emotional appetites of foodies visiting the island. Eateries line up across the town, Gin Sushi with Japanese cuisine and Antoine with all day dining at the Capital Hotel & Resort, while the tasteful cuisines of Italian, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, authentic Indonesian, Lebanese, BBQ, Grills, and Fine Dining are inundating. The options are so diverse. Aside from that, the town also offers visitors other attractions to stroll in for an exploration, Shopping Malls, Galleries, Tattoo Studios, Barber Shops, Pharmacy, Scooter Rentals and others alike. Let the details further to get your Bali holiday surprisingly fulfilled.

Tattoo Studios

Tattoo Studios

Thrilled by the enthusiasm of visitors in getting a tattoo done in Bali, we herewith share tattoo studios you can visit. They said that the prices are relatively more affordable compared to those in their own countries. The locations of Tattoo Studios are accessible from the Capital Hotel & Resort. There is also someone ready on call if you want to as an option. They do have some creative designs exciting your interest ready to choose in Oriental, Mandala and Balinese concepts. If you have your own preferred artistic designs, just get them done accordingly by the professionals in years of experiences. Quality inks in colors, black and grey is so important to get the best possible results in 3D images. Meanwhile, getting to feel convenient during the painting and sterilized tools is also something imperative. It takes hours depending on the sizes to finish. Enjoy your body painting session at:

Artful Ink Tattoo Studio, Petitenget St No 1, WA: +62 878 6051 1033

Soul Rebel Tattoo Studio, Petitenget St No2, WA: +62 821 2044 9895

DJAROEH31 Tattoo IG: @djaroeh31 On Call via WA: +62 816 216 211

Barber Shop

Barber Shops

with Crew Cut, Ivy League, Bowl Out, Dreadlock, Fringe hair styles

In the past, a traditional coiffeur erected a temporary shed under a big tree for hair cut service. He considered it enough to attract the attention of potential customers. He waited for passersby to come by and got their hairs cut. He just trimmed the heads as good hair style as he could do, not what the customers wanted.  

In the modern era there come barber shops offering more comfortable and friendly environment. They are professionals that focus more on customers’ satisfaction. They notice that hair style trends evolving. Since then, the hair style is customized to meet with the trend need of the customers. Thus, now a hair style becomes pivotal to get a new look that brings confidence and personal brand to significance. In response to the trends, the hair stylists keep honing their trimming skills and hair styling intelligence as to make their customers feel satisfactorily great at their new looks. It is no better time than holiday to get a new look at;

Bliss Barber Seminyak, Petitenget St, No 69X, WA:+62 896 7548 4930;

BARBERBARSHOP, Seminyak, Kayu Jati St No 9, WA: +62 821 4629 3667

Sharp Edge Barbershop, Seminyak, Camplung Tanduk St, WA:+62 818 184 666:

Scooter Rentals

Scooter Rentals

The width of the roads in Bali are relatively narrow compared to other advanced countries. The lucrative tourism in Bali nowadays are not predicted to cause the traffic congestion. The gridlock slows down the activities of urban. The urbanists have started to think of alleviating the traffic issue. Highway tolls were built to connect Denpasar, Nusa Dua, Kuta and airport faster. Underpass was also built to reduce the traffic jams. However, during peak holiday seasons, the roads are fully filled with cars and motorists. Some are happy to see the chaos this time to harvest the fruits of tourism on the peak holiday seasons. Others felt trapped on the roads.

This has changed the behaviors of the road runners on riding. They prefer faster and more practical vehicles to run their time management productively. Scooter is the best option. If you get used to riding it, it would be fine. If not, don’t try. The roads are narrow and the traffic is extremely busy. Riding a scooter in such a situation especially for those live in a country with high ways is something to reconsider. It can both fun and risky. Think about it. Anyhow, suppose you need a scooter to explore the town on your own, please just get it arranged through our Concierges at the Capital Hotel & Resort.  You are on a holiday with us, make use of our dedicated team to help you make your holiday most memorable.

Contributor: Kade Lasiadi

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